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10 Apps to Help You Work Remotely

Cellphone with different mobile applications
  1. 5S Audit – audits from your home office to keep your team healthy

  2. Zapier – banish busywork

  3. Slack – quickly communicate with your team

  4. Google Hangouts Meet – host virtual happy hours and other serious meetings

  5. HubSpot – stay in the public eye even when you’re not in public

  6. Canva – stock photos

  7. RescueTime – scheduling

  8. Serene – stay focused

  9. Daywise – maintain a work-life balance

  10. Kronos Workforce Mobile – request time off while sheltering in place

Read more about these apps at https://www.thomasnet.com/insights/10-apps-to-help-you-work-remotely/?utm_content=featuredstory&position=2&linktype=title&channel=email&campaign_type=thomas_industry_update&campaign_name=tiu200401&utm_campaign=tiu200401&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thomas_industry_update&tinid=227191300

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