Engagement Types

Knowledge Is Power

Customer Data Profiling

What are the distinguishing characteristics of my best customers? Which industries do they come from? Which regions? How large are they?

Customer & Market Segmentation

What combinations of profile elements form a customer or market segment? How large is each segment? Which of my products does each segment buy the most?

Estimating Business Potential By Customer Segment

What is my penetration rate within each of my customer segments? What are the average purchases in each segment? How many more similar companies are there in my marketing territory?

Forecasting Sales At Customer And Prospect Levels

How my revenues look for the next 3 months? The next 6? How does that break down by Region, by Segment, by Product Line? Based on that forecast, what do I need to change?

Acquisition Modeling

Now that I know my customer’s profile and the business potential in my market, how do I best spend my customer acquisition budget?

Cross-sell/up-sell Modeling

A typical customer in Segment A buys X units of Product B and Y units of Product C? Based upon that, they should buy Y units of Product D. If they are not, what can I do to complete that cross-sell/up-sell?

Determining Customer Lifetime Value

What is the projected future value of my current customer base? How quickly can I determine if a new customer has significant long-term value? Should I boost my acquisition budget, or allocate more dollars toward retention and growth?