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Animated Video is an incredibly effective–and versatile!–marketing tool. And you can get it FREE when you use co-op marketing funds effectively!

Using videos to rank on the first page of Google


1) A whopping 85% of all US internet users say they watch video content online every month.
2) 54% of consumers want to see MORE video content.
3) 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.
4) 88% of video marketers are happy with the ROI they get!
5) 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product.

Sadly, well below a third of independent industrial distributors use videos to promote their brands. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Did you know that you can use co-op marketing funds to pay for custom animated videos for your distributorship? Let us help you! Rivet|MRO will help you find the co-op funds, claim them and then even produce a custom video exclusively for your distributorship!

Here are some recent examples. Grab some popcorn and pretend it’s movie night! Enjoy!

RIvet|MRO worked with S. L. Fusco, an independent industrial distributor based in the Los Angeles area, to create this 6-month sales promotion, the Grand Slam Sweepstakes. This video introduces how S. L. Fusco customers can win MLB game tickets, game swag or even a trip to spring training!

Rivet|MRO produced this graphics animation explainer video for A&M Industrial and SCRUBS using co-op money A&M earned with the manufacturer. This video serves as an important selling and promotional vehicle. It details the SCRUBS value proposition and demonstrates how end users can save money by switching to the product.

Martin Supply, in conjunction with Snap-on Industrial Brands , offers a Tools @ Height safety program for industrial customers. This animated video produced by RIvet|MRO details how the program helps Martin customers operate more safely and reduce the potential for workplace injury due to falling tools.

Black & Company and Milwaukee Tools collaborated with Rivet|MRO to produce this video to explain Milwaukee’s new ONE-KEY program that tracks and monitors tools. The video was produced using co-op marketing funds from the manufacturer.

Rivet|MRO produced this graphics animation explainer video for Jones Kinden Company and Kennametal. The video details how Jones Kinden provides exceptional service and expertise, along with Kennametal products.

Rivet|MRO created this whiteboard video for Martin Supply and Markal, the makers of Paintstik industrial paint crayons. Instead of using a generic whiteboard marker to facilitate the animated illustration, we instead used the actual Markal Paintstik product to “illustrate” the video.


Each of these videos has multiple uses–check out this list to see how impactful and versatile they are!

  • Graphics animation videos have a lower perceived viewing time–meaning your customers and prospects are more likely to watch the entire video!

  • Videos enhance your SEO (search engine optimization)–they help you get ranked higher on Google!

  • Social media is the perfect place to share your videos–and get even more attention!

  • Embedding videos in emails (like this one) improves click-through rates!

  • Plus they’re perfect sales tools for your sellers to use in the field!

  • And, finally, your manufacturers love them–and most gladly support their use with co-op funds!

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Thanks for reading (and watching)!


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