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Email Deliverability: On Average 1 In Every 6 Emails Does Not Reach Your Customers’ Inbox

Email Deliverability

Is your company keeping up with the evolving nature of email? Email deliverability is crucial, serving as the starting point for increased inbox placement, greater subscriber reach, and enhanced program ROI. As it turns out, only 83% (5 out of every 6) of permission-based emails achieve inbox placements. In other words 17% of your emails never make it, which represents a big opportunity cost to senders!

In Validity’s 2020 Email Deliverability report: A Journey into the Inbox, they found that a majority of marketers are aware and agree with the importance of email deliverability, showing 17% of those surveyed said it was the ‘Most Important’, followed by 38% saying it is ‘Important’. The report also uncovered that 62% of organizations handle their email deliverability inhouse, while 32% rely on external platforms, but combined – organizations spend about a quarter (23%) of their email marketing budget on this aspect. On the flip-side, 14% of marketers reported no familiarity with the concept at all. When it comes to importance, the results were similar in that a majority of marketers agree it is important, with only 13% considering it unimportant.

In comparison to other aspects of your email marketing strategy, how does your company feel on the importance of deliverability?

There are several factors that can impact deliverability, but the ones with the most significant impacts are ‘Data quality’ (45%), followed by ‘Email content’ (44%) and ‘Sender’s reputation’ (42%). It was prevalent here though that the size of the company was a factor in the outcome of this poll. Larger companies said technology (46%) has the biggest impact, but this is likely due to these organizations having the means to implement new technologies.

Check out the full report here for more insights into your email deliverability! Need help formulating your email marketing campaign? Reach out to Rivet|MRO today!

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