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B2B Marketers are Focusing on Personalization and Account-Based Marketing in 2020

B2B Marketer on personalization and account based marketing by Sagefrog Marketing Group

According to recent research from Sagefrog Marketing Group, B2B marketers’ main focus in 2020 is personalization and account-based marketing (ABM). In a survey of 110 marketers from various B2B verticals, 47% of respondents say they plan to expand personalization techniques in the coming year. 42% say they plan to explore account-based marketing more in 2020.

A majority of respondents (56%) say that their company will spend the same amount of money on marketing in 2020 as they did in 2019. However, 41% say that their firm plans to spend more on marketing in the coming year. Only 3% of respondents expect to decrease spending on marketing in 2020.

B2B marketers have a number of objectives for the coming year. Their most important task in 2020 is converting leads to customers. Increasing sales leads and brand awareness also rank high on the list. Producing thought leadership ranks fourth. Finally, as the importance of the digital space continues to become more important into 2020, increasing website traffic also cracks the top five list.

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