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Best Practices In Explainer Videos

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Let’s be realistic. If a potential customer needs to learn about one of your products or services, are they more likely to read a small-print paragraph or click on a short video? They will almost certainly click on the video, and they might click off the page completely if there’s no video and too many words.

Explainer videos are short digital marketing videos that explain one of your company’s products or services. They can increase conversion rates by as much as 144%! You can place explainer videos on your homepage, landing page, or a product/service page, and they can be used on multiple channels, including email and social media!

Types of explainer videos:

  • Live action: A non-animated video of you or an employee explaining a specific product or service.

  • Graphics Animation: The most popular type – best for explaining services or intangible products that don’t work for a camera.

  • Whiteboard: The easiest and least-expensive one – animation is hand-drawn and erased on a whiteboard.

Here’s a graphics animation explainer video Rivet|MRO recently produced for Martin Supply & Milwaukee Tools. And here’s an example of a whiteboard video we recently created for Richards Supply & Honeywell Safety.

How to make an explainer video:

Or, let us make one for you…skip to the last two paragraphs!

  1. Write the video script

  2. Record the voiceovers

  3. Add music and sound effects

  4. Publish the final video on your website, on YouTube, on social media and more!

  5. Measure the performance

Finally, reap the benefits! Explainer videos increase conversions, improve SEO search rankings, and keep viewers on your page for 2X longer. More importantly, they spread the word about your product/service and can be repurposed for various needs including social media, investor pitches, email signatures, and many more.

Rivet|MRO offers video graphics animation services for all of your customer’s visual needs. We’ve made more than a hundred videos that have seen success, and we’d love to make you one next.

Even better, we might be able to find you co-op marketing funds that cover the costs! Check out our co-optimizer program or sign up for a consultation today!

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