Co-Op Maximizing: How To Succeed At No Cost With Co-Op Funds

Most industrial distributors leave tens—even hundreds of thousands of co-op marketing dollars on the table every year. The cost of a co-op marketing campaign is reimbursed by a manufacturer or brand, making it a smart way to advertise and money! And, better yet, when you use Rivet|MRO’s Co|optimizer program, it’s easy!

Yet, approximately $14 to $35 billion dollars in manufacturer co op marketing funds are left unclaimed every year. Here's why your business can see success when you choose to optimize your company's co-op marketing opportunities.

Try this handy co-op calculator to see how much you might be leaving on the table!

There are many different opportunities available

You can expect to see some type of co-op advertising program from most major manufacturers. Talk to your sales contact with the manufacturers you use for inventory to get more information about the co-op opportunities they offer—or, even easier, contact us!

Some co-op programs will reimburse you at least 50% of what you spend on advertising and, in some cases, they may even reimburse the entire amount! It's important to note you'll need to meet specific requirements for your company to be reimbursed. This includes the content of your company's advertising.

You can increase your leads

Lead generation is one of the most critical parts of marketing, whether it's used in digital or print marketing. When you use co-op marketing programs, you're helping to generate leads by reaching out to audiences you may not have been previously reaching out to.

This is extremely valuable because it gives your business the chance to build relationships with consumers and boost customer loyalty.

You can grow your business without making a major investment

Investments are tricky whether your company is large or small. The wrong marketing move can make or break your business, which is why it's so important to think long and hard before making any major decisions.

Fortunately, you can use co-op marketing funds to grow your business without the risk of making a major investment. The manufacturer or brand reimburses your advertising, which lets you save money on your own marketing campaigns.

Why use industrial marketing services?

When you outsource an industrial marketing agency, you hand the marketing aspects of your business over to a team of professionals so you can be productive in other tasks.

An industrial marketing agency can help with social media marketing, co-op marketing, and sales strategy. To learn more about how MRO marketing services can help you with your co-op funds and distributor marketing plans, contact Rivet|MRO today. - Blog Directory Marketing Blog Directory Web Directory Blogging Fusion Blog Directory