Sales And Marketing Promotions Can Keep You Ahead Of The Competition

With rising prices becoming the norm it can make it hard to set yourself apart from other distributors in your field. A well-thought-out and managed sales promotion can assist by attracting new customers and strengthening existing relationships by bringing positive attention to your establishment.

Litmus’ 2021 State Of Email Report

Digital marketing has many different avenues for companies to utilize. One of the most popular across industries is email. When done correctly, emails can be successful in generating leads, sales, or engaging an audience. Though, the online landscape is constantly shifting. So what does the world of email marketing look like right now? Litmus put […]

Tips For Creating Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

Creating any type of marketing campaign requires in-depth planning and research. In the business-to-business market, specific details need special attention. The most critical detail is the audience. Universally, when it comes to marketing, all strategy, materials, and other factors relate back to the target audience of the campaign. The importance of the target is arguably heightened when […]

How to Rank High in Search Results After Google’s Algorithm Update

The internet landscape is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up. Recently, Google updated its algorithm. For businesses, this means re-evaluating their search engine rank. To maintain good SEO, it is important to take the new update into consideration and understand what it entails. Awareness of these changes can help businesses maintain […]

Why You Should Market With CO-OP Funds

Budget is a major part of marketing. One strategy channel partners (distributors, wholesalers, dealers, VARs, retailers, etc.) use to control marketing costs is co-op marketing. Through this method, brand assets and marketing cost is shared among channel partners—or it is often wholly funded by the manufacturer. A successful strategy implements resource exchange that is mutually […]

The Value of Email Metrics

Distributors today enjoy a virtually endless selection of marketing channels to consider. One of the most-popular channels is email. It’s easy to see why. Distributors experience many benefits by using email marketing. It’s accessible, affordable, and maintains a direct line of communication between a distributor and its customers. And virtually all of a distributor’s customers […]

Fueling Your Covid Recovery: Using Co-op Funds to Grow your Independent Industrial, Electrical, or Building Materials Distributorship.

One of the most underrated and under-utilized ways to grow your independent distributorship is having a strong marketing mix. The easiest and most cost-efficient approach to marketing your business is by claiming and properly utilizing co-op funds. It’s hard to overstate exactly how many independent distributorships just don’t bother claiming co-op funds that could easily […]

How Social Media can Help Industrial Distributors Increase Sales

WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS?  Social media is playing a vital role in people’s daily lives today. Many start their day by checking their social accounts, including business owners and sales representatives. Social media is so much more than finding out what your friends and old classmates are up to. It can also serve […]