Fractional CMO of Rivet MRO

Online Tele-Consulting Packages

Buy Big-League Marketing Expertise In The Time Increments You Need

Consultancy Services for Independent Distributors:

Buy Big-League Marketing Expertise In The Time Increments You Need

In addition to our Fractional CMO Services, Rivet|MRO offers Ultra-Fractional CMO Services in the form of these short-term consulting packages. We can connect via telephone, Skype or WebEx. Or, if you want to visit our offices, that is always an option. Pick the industrial consultancy services package that suits your needs today!

Drive-by Marketing Consultations

You’ve got a marketing question that is burning a hole in your mind and want some help talking it through. Or, maybe you need to bounce some ideas off of an industry veteran and get another opinion.

Whatever your need, we’re here to help. Rivet|MRO sells marketing consulting in time increments as small as 30 minutes. If you simply need to have a quick conversation on a one-time (or irregular) basis, select our 30-Minute Marketing Consult or 60-Minute Marketing Tune-up package. We accept all major credit cards. Click on the image above for scheduling and payment options.

Let's have a more strategic, more riveting conversation

You’ve got more on your mind than a quick chat. You want to dive deep and begin to address some larger issues. Potential topics include:

  • New Product Development
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Marketing Team Configuration
  • Hiring Assistance

We’ve got the experience to help you make the right choices when it comes to your marketing initiatives. Engage us for a longer conversation and benefit from our experience and insights! Click on the appropriate image above for scheduling and payment options.

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