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Here’s To 2021 Growth–Fueled By Co-Op Funds!

Silhouette Man jumping between 2020 and 2021

A new year always brings a rejuvenated feeling of hope and optimism. And while temping, we cannot lose sight of the setbacks 2020 brought and the need for a well-rounded plan to rebound.

MDM’s Outlook Survey reported manufacturers, distributors, and services providers are planning for a challenging first half of the year, but expect incremental growth and improvement moving forward. As we have seen throughout this pandemic – employee health and safety, the potential for further lockdowns, and the speed of economic recovery are still top concerns shared industry wide.

Check out the full report here. Link

Don’t lose that hope just yet – A new year also brings the opportunity for resolutions. Here is our suggestion: Let Rivet|MRO help find your distributorship more co-op funds to help fuel your rebound in 2021!

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