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Why do so many independent distributors fail to cash in on the co-op $ they've earned?

Why do so many independent distributors fail to cash in on the co-op $ they've earned?

$14 – $35 billion dollars in manufacturer co-op marketing funds go unclaimed every year.

That’s not a typo. But it is a staggering amount of free money left sitting on the table. How much money is your distributorship letting slip through its fingers every year?

Here’s Why:

co-op funds:

  • Inconsistent program rules
  • Up-front proposals and approvals required
  • Cumbersome claims processes
  • Too busy to manage the process
  • Inability to execute detailed marketing programs
  • May even be unaware of specific program(s)

As shown by our eye-opening infographic which displays real statistics about unclaimed co-op funds, only 42% of qualifying businesses take advantage of co-op funds! It doesn’t have to be that way…

We Make Maximizing Co-op Marketing Funds Easy

Rivet|MRO has launched its proprietary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer to make it easy for your distributorship to maximize the co-op funds it has earned!

We’ll manage the entire process, from the proposal stage through the co-op claim. From targeted marketing campaigns to sales promotions and videos, we have all the marketing tools you need to secure your place in the market. We do the work, you grow your business–and get someone else to pay for it! Better yet, it’s risk-free. We don’t bill you or begin work on your project(s) until your co-op funds are approved!

The graphic on this page details our process.

Contact us today to get your complimentary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer review and grow your business the smart way! Just click the button below to get started:

Industrial MRO distributors turn to Rivet|MRO for exceptional marketing resources–and for help funding them. Our Co|optimizer program helps you maximize your co-op funding opportunities and the results that flow from them!

(CLICK ON GRAPHIC TO ENLARGE) Rivet | MRO’s risk-free Co | optimizer Co-op Maximizer program helps you grow your distributorship with free money from manufacturers. We do all the work, you secure your place in the market!

What is co-op marketing? Click here for a primer from

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