Co-op Optimizer of Rivet MRO

Co-op Maximizer

Co-op Marketing Program for Independent Safety, Industrial, Electrical, HVAC, Power Transmission, Plumbing, & Building Products Distributors

How much Co-op are you leaving on the table?

Stop missing out on the tens of thousands in co-op marketing dollars that you’re probably leaving unclaimed! (Or…start making the most of the funds you are claiming!)

Rivet|MRO is the leading expert in helping independent distributors find and claim more co-op marketing funds—and putting them to more effective use!

We make maximizing Co-op funds easy-and Free!

We know managing co-op marketing funds can be a hassle. It’s filled with bureaucracy. You don’t always know where the money is—and you don’t have time to jump through hoops to get it. Then…if you do find the money…the question is how do you use it to grow your business? After all, you’re an independent distributor, not a marketing maven.

Watch our video to learn about how our co-op program helps you make the most of your co-op funds!

Problems solved! JUST CALL RIVET|MRO—we take care of everything—and we do it at no cost to you!! Here’s how it works:

  • We do the research to find your funds
  • We work with you to learn the details of your business and use that to develop a marketing plan for the funds you’ve earned
  • We prepare funding request packages and present them to your suppliers
  • We execute the details of your plan once we get supplier approval
  • We even submit paperwork to your suppliers to make sure you get reimbursed

Best of all, our program is entirely manufacturer-funded. That means our co-op services are FREE to distributors: in other words, we do all the work, and you grow your business!

Try this simple calculator to see how many co-op dollars Co|optimizer could help your industrial or electrical distributorship claim!

Rivet|MRO helps distributors create co-op marketing programs.

  • Claim more Co-op Funds!
  • Grow your business without additional investment!
  • Improve your marketing!
  • Get more leads!

I want help maximizing the co-op $ I’ve earned & A FREE WHITEPAPER ON INDUSTRIAL BRANDING!

We do all the work. You grow your business. We’ll manage the entire co-op process, from the proposal stage through the co-op claim. From targeted marketing campaigns to sales promotions and videos, we have all the marketing tools you need to secure your place in the market.

Distributors, Manufacturers & Brands that have benefitted from Co|optimizer:

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