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Why Manufacturers Want Distributors To Use Co|optimizer

Manufacturers can drive more local demand by pointing distributors to Co|optimizer

Manufacturers are often in a quandary when it comes to managing their marketing co-op programs.

On one hand, they want to support their distributor customers’ selling efforts. They want to drive sales growth with their brands.

But they don’t want to diminish those brands through poor brand compliance or by investing in distributor marketing activities that don’t drive growth. 

By referring distributor customers to our proprietary Co|optimizer program, manufacturers can rest easy, knowing their hard-earned co-op marketing investment is being used wisely–that it will result in growth for both the distributor and the manufacturer.

Rivet|MRO is a full-service integrated marketing agency with a laser-focus on the industrial MRO market segment.

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In fact, its leader, Tim Rasmussen, served as director of marketing for a major industrial manufacturer, ITW. During his tenure at ITW, Tim’s teams managed millions of dollars in co-op funds.

Some of those funds were used exceptionally well, while others were squandered on questionable activities. So he worked with distributors to jointly develop targeted marketing initiatives that drove growth for both parties–and it worked.

Tim and his team used that experience to develop the Co|optimizer program. Through it, Rivet|MRO gives independent MRO distributors access to big-league industrial marketing expertise and resources. Co|optimizer helps distributors make it easy to claim and use manufacturer co-op funds. Moreover, it puts them in a better position to drive results with those funds–the textbook definition of win-win. 

Rather than write checks for logo’d golf balls, wouldn’t you rather fund targeted activities developed by industrial marketing professionals who know how to grow MRO?

The Rivet|MRO team has done award-winning work that generated business results for a host of industrial organizations. We understand what you and your distributor partners need to do to be successful. We are the missing link when it comes to co-op.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your distributors sell more of your brands through thoughtful co-op investing!

Drive mutual growth by using co-op funds for targeted marketing!

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