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The Rise of Digital Marketing in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

Digital Marketing in the Wholesale Distribution Industry

As technology increasingly improves, the way consumers shop and purchase things has in turn changed. Today, people can buy just about anything they need online just as much as they can in person.

In the past, wholesale businesses that sold things in bulk counted on trade shows, print advertising, and in-person sales calls. Although these methods still work well, they are no longer the first thing gravitated towards as digital marketing strategy opened new channels.

From spreading messages to promoting products and services through various marketing services (FREE marketing services we might add from claiming your earned CO-OP!), read further with Rivet|MRO to see how this success helps wholesale distribution thrive.



Wholesale Distribution Explained



Wholesale Distribution Explained

Wholesale distribution refers to buying large quantities of goods from manufacturers at lower prices and then selling them at wholesale prices. As a wholesale distributor, your role is crucial for business growth. That means you must:

  • Move products from suppliers to buyers
  • Take care of things like storing, delivering, and managing inventory
  • Sell to retailers and professional companies
  • Keep potential customers happy by offering good service and prices they like


The Emergence of Marketing Efforts and Sales Alignment

In order for wholesale distribution companies to grow, it’s important for their marketing and sales teams to work together. When your team shares goals, priorities, and performance indicators, profits increase substantially.

According to the Aberdeen Group, organizations that successfully merge their sales and marketing experience

  • 32% higher revenue
  • 36% more customer retention
  • 38% higher win rates.

Of course, these lead to greater possibilities at every consumer’s purchase step, especially in digital commerce. (And especially through marketing services that Rivet|MRO can offer you!)


Impact of Marketing on E-commerce

In 2018, social media was responsible for almost 37 million visits to online stores, resulting in over 529,000 orders. Facebook was the most popular site for online orders, accounting for 85% of them.

Even though SEO is important for growth, e-commerce and marketing teams should act together to make a thriving wholesale marketing strategy. This concerns:

  • Technical skills
  • Data analysis
  • Customer understanding
  • Buying processes


Way to Implement Marketing



Customer Portals: A Personal Way to Implement Marketing

Nowadays, industries use customer portals to interact with their customers online. Customers use these portals to seek out information and solve problems on their own, anytime they want, with the help of the business if desired.

According to Statistica, in 2020, 88% of people think firms should have a customer portal. What’s even more fascinating is that 70% of shoppers expect to be able to help themselves on a company’s website.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Wholesale Distributors

To keep your wholesale business thriving, putting in some special effort, unique to your business is a must. Check out these important wholesale marketing strategies that you should try:

  1. Identify Your Target Audience

As part of your business goals, it would be best to specify your customer demographic that would purchase the most from your products. To do this, you need to study:

  • Existing customers’ consumer patterns
  • Sources of income
  • Interests
  • Age bracket
  1. Use Search Engine Optimization

Usually, using SEO techniques will grab the attention of search engines. Keep in mind that a well-developed site will help you:

  • Lead to higher visibility
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Connect with new customers
  1. Collaborate through Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing



Promoting brand relevance becomes possible when you join forces with other businesses online. Specifying product lines with a similar customer base is helpful when trying to gain more business. This lets you tap into their followers, build customer engagement, and strengthen your partnership. Here at Rivet|MRO, we offer Distributor Social– an easy, effective way to manage your social media accounts and bring your business to new heights!



Create Many Possibilities with Excellent Sales Skills

The rise of digital marketing shows how wholesale distributors connect with customers. In order to generate new business leads and grow your distributorship, you must have that competitive advantage and strengthen your content marketing through email campaigns, social media marketing and other marketing services (many of which are offered through us at Rivet|MRO!) With print ads and cold calls being on the back burner, digital marketing is taking the stage to bring the most success to your business! 

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