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How Distributors Can Generate Growth While Operating Remotely

How Distributors Can Generate Growth While Operating Remotely

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have adopted remote practices. Although this has allowed companies to continue operating, new challenges have arisen. Some distributors have found traditional growth methods to be less accessible in remote environments. However, this doesn’t mean these tried-and-true methods can’t be revised. An article by Industrial Distribution outlines a few tips for generating growth in remote environments. Whether you’re moving closer to normal and back in the office or still working remotely, you can still make remote work better!

 The three main points highlighted in this article; providing perspective growth guidance, helping sales teams reorient, and getting innovative. Not being able to visit a potential customer can limit the amount of information gathered. This gap can be filled by providing sales representatives with enough data and guidance. Additionally, it is important to be proactive in helping employees reach their full potential. Making sure they have all the tools they need is vital for generating growth. Lastly, continuing to innovate with the times is key. Developing new strategies are essential for survival. To learn more about generating growth while remote, check out Industrial Distribution’s article.


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