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Distributors Continue to Move Forward Despite Supply Chain Disruptions.

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A multitude of issues have popped up and disrupted the supply chain. From the Suez Canal blockage this past March to demand fluctuations, distributors have faced many challenges. An article from MDM gives more insight into the ways distributors are navigating through the messy supply chain.

Distributors are responding to these disturbances the best they can. Many adjusted their forecasting, increased their spot days, and altered their pricing to ensure business operations can continue as normal. In addition to this, many supply chain professionals are finding that their roles are more pertinent than ever. These professionals are helping distributors maintain good vendor-customer relationships. Businesses want to maintain these relationships all while keeping the door open to prospective clients. That’s where marketing comes in and that’s where Rivet MRO can help. To read more about how distributors are navigating the supply chain check out MDM’s article.


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