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You’ve Got Mail: Email Marketing Takes A Deep Dive In To Current Engagement Trends

Email Marketing to Current Engagement Trends

Does your distributorship have an email marketing program, and do you know the state of its engagement? Whether you want to develop a program or have an existing one, it is worth taking a look at the current engagement trends to gain an understanding of your audience’s email environment, device, and location preferences to personalize your program and maximize results.

When you have a grasp of which devices & apps your audience prefers, you will gain deeper insight into who they are and how that will impact your email strategy. For example, do your subscribers normally read your emails on desktop or mobile platforms? That answer will have a huge impact on how you create your email campaigns.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you think through the subscriber experience like screen sizes, image load times, and more.

We’ve put together some takeaways from Litmus’ recent Email Engagement report below:

1.     Apple iPhone (33%) and Gmail (32%) duke it out for the #1 spot for the top email client

2.     Gmail is the more popular webmail client – followed by Yahoo and Outlook

3.     Apple iPhone is the #1 mobile email client at a whopping 83%

4.     21% of all emails in the US are read between 9 am-12 pm

5.     The average time spent reading an email is 11.82 seconds

6.     The average print rate is 0.18% – that’s 1 print per 568 opened

7.     1 out of 227 opened emails is forwarded

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