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Email Marketing Benchmarks: Trends From 2021

Email Marketing Benchmarks from 2021

Campaign Monitor collected and analyzed the performance from more than 100 billion emails sent in from marketers. They recently released their benchmark report. MarketingProfs released a blog looking at what it tells us.

Across all industries, the average open rate was up by 3.5% in 2021. However, the click-to-open rate was down by 3.6%. Both of these trends were most likely caused by Apple’s release of MPP, a privacy feature included in iOS 15. Researchers believe that MPP might artificially boost open rates because messages are pre-fetched/downloaded for users who have opted in. Data supports this when looking at the timeline. When the beta of iOS 15 was released in June of 2021, open rates began to rise, and they peaked in September after the public release. To learn more, check out the full article linked below.


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