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Litmus’ 2021 State Of Email Report

Litmus’ 2021 State Of Email Report

Digital marketing has many different avenues for companies to utilize. One of the most popular across industries is email. When done correctly, emails can be successful in generating leads, sales, or engaging an audience. Though, the online landscape is constantly shifting. So what does the world of email marketing look like right now? Litmus put out an annual report on what the world of email marketing looked like in 2021.

Email volume nearly tripled this year, and with it, engagement remained high. Revenue is projected to total about $8.49 billion by the end of this year. Marketing professionals looked into what factors have led to this overall boom of successful email marketing. They uncovered several key findings in their studies and highlight five key shifts in email marketing.


The first shift is the increasing importance of email. Email has always been a valuable tool but has become increasingly essential to success. COVID-19 drove many people online in different ways, including handling business remotely. This makes a strong digital presence vital to the success of a company. Litmus reported 90% of survey respondents claimed that email marketing is somewhat critical to overall success.


The second shift is the rise of personalization and automation. The boom in personalization helps businesses stand out from the other emails in the inbox. Nine in ten marketers believe that overall strategy should include personalization. Other data shows that 79% of buyers expect more personalized attention from companies to build relationships. The most common way for companies to personalize their emails is through the addition of the receiver’s name, company name, and other profile information.


The third shift is new strategies due to privacy measures. Concerns about privacy have been a hot topic for a while now. Changes such as the loss of third-party cookies and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection have forced marketers to rework their strategies. The main difference people see is the way the emails are measured. Though, the second-highest response is that marketers are seeing no difference. This all depends on the previous strategy and what key performance indicators were used to measure the campaign’s success.


The fourth shift brands are implementing agile marketing to meet growing email demand. The increase of remote workers has moved many business practices online. This has led to the email being vital to business practices. This year the overall email volume from companies has increased by 61%. Unfortunately, as volume increases, turnaround time is getting longer. The number of marketers who spent 2 or more weeks on an email has increased by 28% since 2017.


The last shift seen is that marketing must embrace the state of the world and its brand purpose. The pandemic has caused both social and economic strife for many. Empathy is more important than ever. Sixty-two percent of marketers have changed the tone of their emails to reflect current events. This gives the recipients of the email a humanistic view of the business.

These shifts in email marketing are slowly changing the landscape of this often sought out channel. Companies, as well as marketing professionals, need to consider these when going forward with their strategies. If you’re seeking out professionals to help you with your email marketing, contact Rivet|MRO! We are here to consult, cultivate, and send out marketing materials for your distributorship to use. To learn more about who we are and what we do contact us today!

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