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Emails with some form of “THANK YOU” in the subject line enjoy higher open rates than those that do not express gratitude by up to 69%

Envelope with "Thank You"

Email subject lines that express gratitude tend to outperform email subject lines that do not, according to a recent Marketing Profs report.

The report was based on 2017 data from email campaigns sent by Cheetah Digital clients in a wide range of verticals.

The researchers found email subject lines that included terms such as “with heartfelt thanks” and “thank you!” had average unique open and unique click rates that were 69% and 38% higher, respectively, than subject lines which did not express gratitude.

The higher engagement rates for subject lines that expressed gratitude applied to three campaign types: survey emails, post-purchase emails, and segmented buyer promotional emails.

For more details, click here to see the full Marketing Profs article.

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