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Five B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

B2B Marketing Trends in 2020

Advancements in technology over the last 10 years have dramatically changed the behaviors of B2B buyers. Decision makers are a lot younger than they used to be, and they do at least 12 searches online before engaging with a website. B2B businesses need to work harder to be noticed by decision makers, and the digital space gives them an endless canvas to do so.

Forbes has mapped out five marketing trends for B2B executives and employees to pay attention to in 2020. They recommend engaging prospects with personalized communications. Buyers have been spoiled in the digital era, and they expect B2B companies to personalize their experience to fit their needs. Learning more about your target market can help drive sales and grow your customer base.

Forbes also recommends reenergizing your email marketing and investing in your social media strategy. In 2019, email is the preferred method of business communication, and 223 million Americans are on social media. They aren’t going anywhere in the coming year, so B2B marketers need to find ways to leverage these digital platforms. Forbes recommends personalized email content targeted to different segments and a more strategic approach to social media marketing campaigns.

Next, consider redefining your content marketing efforts. According to Google, 70% of B2B buyers research potential purchases by watching videos. On top of that, Google is now ranking video content higher than text-based content. Including embedded video and links to YouTube videos will now improve SEO and help your customers find exactly what they want.

Finally, Forbes says Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will grow into a $160 billion industry by 2023. And 93% of surveyed companies who have adopted VR claim it has a positive impact on marketing. Click the link below to learn more.

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