Fractional CMO of Rivet MRO

Fractional CMO Services

for Independent Safety, HVAC, Power Transmission, Plumbing, & Building Products Distributors

Virtual chief marketing officer program for industrial mro clients

For organizations that need senior-level marketing experience, insights and guidance; let us act as your Chief Marketing Officer on a fractional basis. 

Tim Rasmussen founder of Rivet MRO

If you don’t have a chief marketing officer, rent one.
— Dr. Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics

Tim Rasmussen, our principal, has CMO experience with several firms, including ITW Pro Brands., where he lead the marketing communications and product management teams for brands like LPS, SCRUBS, DYKEM, Rustlick and Accu-Lube. He has built and developed high-performing teams that have professionally executed broad, fully integrated marketing plans to drive growth and can do the same for your organization.

Tim can serve as a member of your management team, working with your existing resources–or helping you to build and develop them. Services available include:

As the average CMO lifespan decreases–and CMO hires become riskier–why not test drive the CMO concept first? Exlplore this page to learn more about Rivet|MRO’s fractional CMO services.

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