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Graphics Animation vs. Whiteboard Videos

Graphic Animation vs. Whiteboard Videos



By 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be comprised of video views, according to Cisco. Short videos are easier to digest and more entertaining than paragraphs and paragraphs of copy. A good graphics animation or whiteboard video can engage audiences, compel them to take an action, make a purchase, or see a concept with fresh eyes. But what’s the difference between a whiteboard video and a graphics animation video? And when should you use each?

First let’s look at why you might consider any animated video instead of traditional video:

You want to fully curate the user experience. When looking at an infographic (an animated image, not a video), viewers can pick and choose what they prefer to look at and learn about. The same is true for interactive content. With graphics animation, viewers could technically fast-forward or rewind to skip sections, but that doesn’t happen often, especially if your video is short and to the point.

You want to increase engagement and conversions. If you’re having trouble explaining exactly how your services work with website copy, viewers won’t stick around, and you won’t get any conversions. If you’re looking to see more marketing results, motion graphics are exactly what you need.

You want to draw attention at an expo booth.  Obviously, this begs the question–when are trade shows going to return? But, someday, they will…and animated videos can help draw traffic. You don’t need us to tell you that a video is more enticing than a brochure. Booths that utilize graphics animation videos capture much more attention than ones that just hand out pamphlets. AND, you can reuse your website graphics animations videos at your expo booths.

When your products or services are intricate or highly technical. Traditional video is sometimes difficult, or even impossible, to film when you are trying to capture a process. If you have a technical process that might be challenging to film–or uninteresting to watch–animated videos are the perfect alternative.

When you need to cover a lot of information. Animated videos have the capacity to synthesize and condense information effectively. They can be longer-than-average and remain entertaining allowing you to include more content for your complex services.

You want to produce the video more quickly and less expensively than traditional video

Animated video takes about 30-45 days to produce, whereas live video can take over 60 days. Animated video is also a fair bit cheaper, as you don’t need to pay camera crews and buy editing suites.

You want people to watch your entire video.  Animated videos typically enjoy higher view-to-completion rates for videos less than 2 minutes long. Additionally, the perceived viewing time is 20-30% less than the actual view time.

The 3 basic uses of animated videos (both graphics and whiteboard)

Explainer – explainer videos help define a concept, product, or service. They distill the essence of a service into a clearer picture. Check out our blog on explainer videos to learn more!

Promotional – promotional videos help sell a product, service, or event. Driving conversions is the ultimate goal. Any details that help motivate a view to purchase your product or service are front and center in these videos.

Emotive – these videos attempt to make the audience feel something. They’re not often seen in the industrial space.

Now let’s examine the differences between graphics animation & whiteboard videos.

Graphics animations are illustrated videos that demonstrate a product or a service. Some use cartoon versions of people and items; others are less cartoony and more stylized illustrations–like infographics. Both are ideal for demonstrating processes and products…

Whiteboard videos are another type of illustrated video that explain a product or service. They consist of a hand writing or drawing on a whiteboard. (Blackboard videos are also available–and very similar.)

How to choose which format to use:

Just as animated videos are cheaper and take less time than live videos, whiteboard videos are cheaper and take less time than graphics animation. They’re usually 30-50% cheaper and can often be completed in 30 days. They’re very engaging and lighthearted, but less customizable making it harder to build a brand around them. Click here to see some recent examples of whiteboard videos we produced for our customers.

Graphics animation is a bit more expensive than whiteboard video, and it may take longer to produce. However, they are just as engaging and much more customizable, making them better equipped to reinforce your brand’s image. They are also more sophisticated, so they’re better suited for an executive audience. Click here to see some recent examples of graphics animation videos we produced for our customers.

With all this, we understand that you’re probably not an expert in animation. So how are you going to increase conversions on your website with video? That’s where we come in. We are experts in animated video, both graphics and whiteboard, and we’d love to create a high-quality video for your website. (And, better yet, we can help you find co-op funding through our proprietary Co|optimizer co-op maximizer program–making your incredible, impactful graphics animation video free to you!) Contact us–so we can get started today!

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