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Improving Your Distributorship’s SEO Keyword Strategy

SEO Keyword Strategy

When doing B2B marketing, you’re targeting other businesses, and, more specifically buyers within those businesses. Your B2B SEO should be ensuring that you reach the right professionals at those companies via Google and other search engines.

When to use keywords in your content:

  • Your article title

  • Your subheadings

  • The body of your article

How many times should I repeat the keywords?

  • The typical rule of thumb is 10 times every 1,000 words

  • However, Google’s algorithms have become so sophisticated that keyword density is no longer a major factor

Tips for Your SEO Strategy:

  • Identify your audience’s pain points

  • Review trends

  • Use longtail (more specific) keywords

  • Use similar or related terms

  • Narrow down your target even further

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Your B2B SEO strategy must be geared toward reaching the right-decision makers. This is more difficult than it sounds, and we’d be happy to help. Give us a call today!

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