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Industrial Businesses can Prepare for a MASSIVE Spending Boom in 2021!

Massive Spending in 2021 of Industrial Businesses

Despite the recent economic downturn, experts suggest an economic upswing resulting in increased business spending. This may indicate that businesses can expect an increase in demand from their customers. An article by Thomas explains further what predictions experts are making.

 According to the article, the Institute of Supply Management expects 15 of the 18 manufacturing sectors that it tracks to expect growth. Growth in these sectors would create a major effect on the economy. But is your business prepared for this massive spending boom? Though even with growth, old problems may resurface. Some of these may include talent shortages and increased competition. Strategic marketing can help you prepare for shifts in the economy and attract new customers. Let Rivet MRO help you position your business with strategic use of your co-op marketing funds!


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