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Why Industrial Companies May Struggle to Meet Digital Sales Demand

Industrial Companies May Struggle to Meet Digital Sales Demand

The lingering effects of the pandemic have shifted the purchasing behavior between businesses. This includes the surge of e-commerce activity, forcing many companies to adapt their digital abilities to meet this new demand. With restrictions now lifted, companies have grown accustomed to their new methods of conducting online sales. An article from Industry Today explains factors why adapting to the digital age of sales is important.

Industry Week surveyed 500 industrial sales and marketing executives and found that 96% of companies wish to transform their digital sales abilities. Despite this, most organizations have not fully utilized the technology available to them. So what is preventing these companies from moving forward? Well, many companies are willing to transform but few are actually prepared. The fear of the latest technology making sales jobs obsolete causes companies to hesitate. However, this viewpoint is inaccurate. Complex machinery requires sales assistance from a representative. The article further explains how updated technologies give companies the option to pick a sales channel that works best for them. This, in return, creates a personalized experience. Data-driven recommendations further personalize this experience. For the full industry week article, click the link below.


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