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How Distributors Can Deliver Digital Self-Service Through Inventory Management

Distributors to deliver digital self-service using inventory management

Covid shifted many businesses into a strong online presence. This helped them meet consumer demand by offering self-service tools and product information on their websites. Inventory management tools are helping distributors deliver digital self-service. An MDM article tells more.

A study from McKinsey and Company shows that digital sales and services will remain the standard for distributors. This study found that the use of these online tools is increasing among B2B customers. Since it appears to be the preferred channel among customers, it is important to understand how to optimize its use. Distributors need to ask themselves how they can continue to deliver the best customer service. An automated inventory management program can provide benefits to a company’s online presence. It offers real-time visibility into stockroom inventory and usage data. To learn more benefits check out the article linked below.


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