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ITR Economic’s Trend Talks: Rising Indicators versus Rising Cases

Rising Indicators vs Rising Cases

ITR Economics hosts a short, weekly podcast about economic trends, both good and bad. This week, Economist and Speaker Connor Lokar revealed which industries are seeing some positive leading indicators, and which industries should expect a slower recovery.

The technology industry continues to see growth, while travel is finally starting to bounce back. Industrial production has been slowly recovering since the end of April and is expected to continue trending upward. The success of dining and entertainment venues will depend on their states’ regulations, along with retailers who don’t do most of their selling online.

ITR notes they are gaining more rising trends in their leading indicators by week. For example, the US ISM Purchasing Managers Index was at 112, delivering its second-straight month of rise serving to a positive 1.9%.

Listen to the full podcast here: https://www.itreconomics.com/rising-indicators-versus-rising-cases

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