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Transparency: The Invisible Marketing Tactic To Improve Engagement

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The top two benefits of social media marketing include increasing traffic and increasing exposure. But it isn’t enough to increase web traffic and brand exposure. You also have to get your audience to engage.

If your audience isn’t engaging with your social media posts, it’s understandable to ask what you’re doing wrong. But the truth is, you might not be doing anything wrong. You may just be missing something: transparency.


Transparency and vulnerability in your marketing help to increase audience engagement. This is because they both help to create a sense of intimacy between you and your audience.

Your audience doesn’t want to connect with a faceless brand. They want to connect with another human. That means the more human your marketing feels, the more your audience will engage with it. And it’s something the vast majority of industrial distributors struggle with.

So how do you make your distributorship’s marketing more transparent?


The first step to improving your online presence is to get personal with your viewers. This may feel strange to you, but Label Insight reports that 94% of surveyed consumers are more likely to be loyal to your brand if it’s more transparent.

Here are three tips to help you become more transparent in your marketing:

  1. Tell your audience about your ‘why.’ Your audience may know what you do, but do they know why you do it? Your ‘why’ is the core value behind your business. Let your audience in the know.

  2. Talks about your wins (and your losses). Success is great and your audience likes to know they’re buying from a good business. Yet failure is also a part of success. You don’t need to highlight your business’ failures, but make your failures a part of your story. Include them in the details of your wins. It makes your team likable.

  3. Share stories that invoke trust. Transparency is a great way to create intimacy between you and your audience. Use that transparency to create trust. Share stories that not only show vulnerability but also encourage your audience to engage with you and trust you.


Sometimes your MRO marketing just isn’t getting the results you want no matter what you put into your content.

If this sounds like you, the industrial marketing services of Rivet|MRO may be what you need to succeed. To learn more about our industrial marketing, co-op marketing, and strategic services, contact Rivet|MRO today.

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