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Never Compromise on Your Calendar Art Again!

Sample 2021 calendar by SECO

One of the most popular uses of co-op marketing funds among independent industrial, electrical and building products distributors is calendars. We’ve all seen them…..from desk blotters to pictorial wall calendars, there are thousands—perhaps tens of thousands of options. Themes range from cats to cars and golf to gardening. But they all have one thing in common—you’re stuck with the creative options they have in stock.

Custom calendars make that drawback disappear. This project for Johnston Industrial Supply Co., (JISCO)—along with sister distributorships ATS & Murray—leveraged stock photography of scenery in the geographical footprint of these distributorships. All the photographs feature reflections of light and support the theme we created, California Reflections. The calendar was sponsored by Seco Tools.

This approach gives Rivet|MRO customers access to a world of possibilities. Another client, Mid-State Supply (a broadline industrial and electrical distributor in Louisiana), uses the same concept to explore Cajun Cuisine. Instead of just one co-op sponsor, this project leveraged the support of multiple suppliers: Acuity Brands, Generac, MCR Safety, ESL Vision and TCP.

The creative options for this approach are literally endless. We can use stock photography or your own custom shots. We can even include product usage tips and do this approach in any format!

Contact us today to see how we can create your custom calendar using co-op marketing funds!

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