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How to Rank High in Search Results After Google’s Algorithm Update

Google’s Algorithm Update

The internet landscape is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up. Recently, Google updated its algorithm. For businesses, this means re-evaluating their search engine rank. To maintain good SEO, it is important to take the new update into consideration and understand what it entails. Awareness of these changes can help businesses maintain prime placement in search engines. So what recent updates have been made and how does this apply to companies’ digital platforms?

One factor to note is page experience. The new Google update ranks web pages based on user experience. The goal is to filter out unreliable spam sites and bring trustable, user-friendly websites to the top of search results. The web pages are weighed through a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals. This set of metrics looks at site elements such as mobile friendliness and site security. Measurement categories include loading time, visual stability, and interactivity. The set of standards are used to help determine if page visitors will likely have a positive experience on a website. Let’s look further into what each category entails.

Loading time

This metric is pretty straightforward. Loading time is the time between a user entering the URL in the search bar and major site elements become available to the user. This metric is important for several reasons. Slower websites tend to be frustrating to users and decline the overall page experience. Pages should not take longer than 2.5 seconds to load major contents.

Visual Stability

Visual stability refers to how design elements remain in order. For example, when scrolling down a webpage, the photos and texts should not shift erratically. Google evaluates this through cumulative layout shift (CLS) and ideally should score below 0.1.


This refers to when a user interacts with a page (clicking a link or button) and how long it takes for the website to respond. Interactivity is telling of user experience because it reveals the page’s functionality. To provide a good user experience, all buttons and links on websites should have a response time under 100 milliseconds.

To maintain good SEO, it is important to meet these criteria. Businesses should routinely conduct audits to better understand whether or not their website meets the standard to avoid being ranked lower in results. Businesses can follow a few tips when evaluating their web page. First, they should focus on improving page speed. Looking for opportunities to compress images and code can help websites run faster. Second, businesses should be sure that their site is mobile-friendly. Lastly, businesses should review what users experience when navigating through the site. It is important that pages are accessible and that all content can be seen on both desktop and mobile .

With constant updates and changes, it’s important to constantly reevaluate your digital presence. The standard is quick and instant in the world of the internet. Good SEO is vital to surviving the online terrain, which is why Rivet\MRO offers SEO services. We’ll analyze your webpage, strategize the best course of action, and develop content to boost your search engine positioning. To learn more about our SEO optimizer service, check out our website or contact us today!


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