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Reshoring Could Potentially Drive $443 Billion in U.S. Economic Opportunity.

Reshoring in US Economic Opportunity

U.S. companies begin to shift business back within the country. According to the Thomas Index report, 83% of North American manufacturers are likely or extremely likely to reshore. This is a major increase from March of 2020 in which only 54% of respondents said they planned to reshore.

The report found that the automotive and oil sectors were particularly motivated to add North American suppliers to their supply chain. This shift in reshoring has the potential for massive economic opportunity in the U.S. The total value of economic opportunity has the potential to reach up to $443 billion. This means that new prospects may be on the horizon for suppliers. But to seize this surge of opportunity you have to be prepared. That’s where Rivet MRO can help! Contact us now to see how we can help you position your business with great marketing through the correct channels. To check out the Thomas article, click the link below.


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