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Seven Tips to Retain Tribal Knowledge

Tips to retain tribal knowledge

The baby boomer generation is making up less and less of the workforce. As they continue to retire, many of their beliefs, work styles, and knowledge have left with them. The latter will be felt by companies as it is important for everyday operations. A New Equipment Digest article describes seven ways to retail this tribal knowledge.

The first tip they give is documentation. According to the article, for the best results, older workers should do this through video. Videos provide a visual demonstration of certain processes and tasks. Making them simple and digestible will help pass on the knowledge to the new generation of workers. The second tip given is leveraging smart tech to record data. Collecting data allows employees to analyze it for patterns and makes information accessible to all team members. Having older employees tag key information can also be essential to helping younger workers understand what to look for. To read the full article check out the link below.


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