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Rivet|MRO Featured in TED Magazine Article: Know Your Customer

Articles about knowing your customer

TED Magazine (The Electrical Distributor Magazine) recently published a sales spotlight feature story that stresses the importance of distributor salespeople knowing their customers. Tim Rasmussen, the founder and principal of Rivet|MRO was interviewed for the story.

Here’s an excerpt of his interview:

“If you take the time to understand your customers and what their challenges are—and become a consultant rather than a salesperson—then you will differentiate yourself as the salesperson they will think of first,” Rasmussen explained. It’s a real challenge and art for distributor sales reps because they can’t possibly be an expert in the hundreds of thousands of products they could sell. But they can do their homework before a customer meeting, understand what kind of problems the customer is facing, and be prepared to discuss options. Do research on the right products and solutions. When you come prepared and you can solve a problem, you save the customer time—and that’s when you are most valuable.”

Click here for the full article.

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