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What Buyers Look For When Shortlisting New Suppliers

Shortlisting new suppliers

Buyer agents look for the best-suited suppliers for their company’s needs. For many researching and comparing distributors is essential for their selection process. But can companies do anything to help get onto their shortlist? According to Thomas, the answer is yes. Their article below shares survey responses from buyers stating what they look for when shortlisting new suppliers.

Buyers look for availability when browsing potential suppliers. With competitive supply chains, buyers want to ensure quality delivery performance. When shifting through suppliers they note fast service that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Another attribute buyers look for is the price per unit. With pressure to get the most out of a budget, it is not surprising that cost is a factor that buyers heavily consider. Being transparent about pricing and all other additional product or service information can help suppliers stand out. Information such as this must be easy to find on a company’s website. This makes a strong digital presence vital. At Rivet|MRO, we know a thing or two about how to market yourself digitally. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a strong digital presence to attract new prospects. And to read the full article check out the link below.


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