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3 Rules & 6 Tips to Improve Social Media Engament

Rules and tips to improve social media engagement

Social media, especially for independent industrial distributors, is a confusing—perhaps even daunting—endeavor. How do you choose content? How do you grow your following? How do you know if it’s working?

This article from Social Media Examiner details three simple rules and six tips to help you improve your social media engagement.

Not enough, you say? Still need some help figuring out your social media? No worries. That’s why Rivet|MRO has introduced its Distributor Social service!

Distributor Social is a syndicated social media program designed for industrial distributors to lift your social media presence with compelling content geared toward your customers and prospects.

It’s a hands-off way for you to have regular impressions of your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And it’s a simple way for you to post regular, thoughtful, brand-building information on any or all of these platforms without lifting a finger or spending a fortune.

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