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66% of Internet Usage is Spent on Social Media

Usage of internet on social media

According to the Salesforce/Pardot Complete Guide to Social Media for B2B Marketers, two-thirds of all internet traffic is devoted to social media. Yet many distributors have no social media presence—or, perhaps even worse, a poorly managed one.

Given the prevalence of social media, and the potential benefits of it, from increased leads and customer loyalty to search engine optimization, distributors need to start investing in social media. To that end, Rivet|MRO has recently introduced its Distributor Social syndicated content service for industrial distributors.

If you’re like most independent industrial distributors, you probably haven’t put much thought into your social media efforts. Who can blame you? You’ve got a lot on your plate and little or no staff resources to help with these sorts of marketing activities. Still, you know it would be beneficial to have a stronger social media presence. It’s just a matter of time–and interesting content.

That’s where Distributor Social comes in. Because we deal exclusively with industrial businesses–primarily distributors–we understand what you, your customers and your prospects are interested in better than anyone but you. Distributor Social is a syndicated social media program designed to lift your social media presence with compelling content geared toward your customers and prospects.

It’s a hands-off way for you to have regular impressions of your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s a simple way for you to post regular, thoughtful, brand-building information on any or all of these platforms without lifting a finger or spending a fortune. Contact us today to begin your subscription!

Click here to download the guide.

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