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Check Out These Co-op Success Stories!

Check Out These Co-op Success Stories!

Check out some of the great projects we’ve done for past clients, all funded entirely by co-op funds! Please scroll down to see more of our work, and to see multiple Co|optimizer project spotlight case studies.

Industrial Mill & Maintenance Supply Generates 35 to 1 ROI

Rivet|MRO developed the theme FROM THE SPINDLE to SUPPLIES to SAFETY to help Industrial Mill & Maintenance Supply dispel the impression that they only sold cutting tools.

The box, which leveraged co-op marketing funds from multiple suppliers to amplify its impact, generated incredible results:

  • 20 new customers
  • $175,000+ in new business
  • And more than a 35:1 Return on Investment!

The box was used to break into new accounts and was also leveraged as a hyper-effective cross-selling tool. IMM reps delivered the boxes both in-person and via mail/UPS.

Summer Samples Score Sizzling Sales!

Rivet|MRO recently used co-mingled co-op marketing funds to produce this custom sample box for Mid-State Supply, a Louisiana-based distributor of industrial and electrical products.

The box included a focused selection featuring hydration- and heat-stress-related samples. The creative theme reinforced this selection. Included in the box:

  • Niagara Bottled Water
  • Sqwincher
  • Pickle Juice
  • Radians Hard Hat Sweat Bands
  • Radians Cooling Towels
  • MCR Safety Sunglasses
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And, wow, did these samples sell! Niagara Bottled Water sales increased by 465%! Not to be outdone, Pickle Juice sales soared 480%—and they would have sold more, if they’d had access to more inventory! Meanwhile Sqwincher sales increased by “only” 20%. Additionally Mid-State used the box to introduce some new Radians products—and saw sales go from 0 to 550 units in the first month.

In fact this box generated more than 20X in sales than it cost—in just one month!

Junior Hebron Executive Vice President of Mid-State Supply

“Our summer product sample boxes dramatically out-performed our expectations. In the first month after we delivered the boxes, Niagara bottled water saw a 456% spike in sales. Sqwincher was up more than 20%. And Pickle juice saw a 480% increase—and we would have sold more if we’d had access to more inventory!

Additionally, we agreed to stock two new radians products and we launched them via the sample box. We sold more than 550 units and are still taking orders.

Mid-State used the boxes for both cross-selling existing customers and as door-Openers for prospects. They worked great for both!”

– Junior Hebron, Mid-State Supply

Using Co-op Marketing Funds to React to Market Dynamics: A COVID-19 Response for A&M and ITW with incredible results

A&M Industrial has had a long track record with ITW Pro Brands’ LPS and SCRUBS lines.

However, its sales of ITW’s disinfecting products was minimal. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, A&M focused its ITW co-op funds on growing the disinfecting line. As you will see below, the results were staggering.

Rivet|MRO helped A&M Industrial of Rahway, New Jersey and ITW Pro Brands respond to the COVID-19 crisis with this graphics animation video and interactive brochure. The elements of the campaign were designed to educate A&M customers on how to properly disinfect. It also explained the differences between disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning. Lastly, the campaign helps customer chose the appropriate ITW Pro Brands (Spray Nine, SCRUBS and Dymon) disinfecting or sanitizing products.

The brochure, which also has a print version, contains links to product-specific information, including pathogen kill claims, product size options and more. It also contains links to the A&M eCommerce site, where they can be purchased online.

These elements have been used in various ways—social media, email, direct selling, etc. And since May of 2020, A&M has seen the highlighted disinfecting product portfolio grow more than 32x!

Talk about going viral!

Simple Co-op Sales Promo Doubles Sales for Jet Air Tools & Richards Supply

Step-To-The-Sale Promo Leads To 100% Sales Increase!

SITUATION: Richards Supply was collecting very little manufacturer co-op money. Rivet|RMO did a detailed search and found numerous substantial co-op programs to leverage. Among them, was JPW (JET Air Tools). Richards Supply had a modest co-op budget with JET Air Tools. Our solution had to be simple, straightforward and inexpensive.

SOLUTION: Knowing that generating more quotes leads to more sales, we designed this simple sales promotion that encouraged customers to request JET Air Tool quotes. The incentive was a mini retro lantern with LED lights. The lantern featured both the JET and Richards logos. We also developed basic sell sheets for Richards reps to introduce the promotion.

RESULTS: During the 4-month promotion period, Richards sales of JET Air Tools DOUBLED!

Richards Supply products with free retro lantern flyer

Never Compromise on Your Calendar Art Again!

One of the most popular uses of co-op marketing funds among independent industrial, electrical and building products distributors is calendars. We’ve all seen them…..from desk blotters to pictorial wall calendars, there are thousands—perhaps tens of thousands of options. Themes range from cats to cars and golf to gardening. But they all have one thing in common—you’re stuck with the creative options they have in stock.

Custom calendars make that drawback disappear. This project for Johnston Industrial Supply Co., (JISCO)—along with sister distributorships ATS & Murray—leveraged stock photography of scenery in the geographical footprint of these distributorships. All the photographs feature reflections of light and support the theme we created, California Reflections. The calendar was sponsored by Seco Tools.

This approach gives Rivet|MRO customers access to a world of possibilities. Another client, Mid-State Supply (a broadline industrial and electrical distributor in Louisiana), uses the same concept to explore Cajun Cuisine. Instead of just one co-op sponsor, this project levereaged the support of multiple suppliers: Acuity Brands, Generac, MCR Safety, ESL Vision and TCP.

The creative options for this approach are literally endless. We can use stock photography or your own custom shots. We can even include product usage tips and do this approach in any format!

Contact us today to see how we can create your custom calendar using co-op marketing funds!

Cajun Favorites 2023 calendar
2023 Calendar for Cajun Favorites

Industrial Mill & JPW Light Up Sales by 18%

JET & Wilton are shining stars in the Industrial Mill & Maintenance Supply product portfolio. So what better way to promote these important brands than shedding some light on them with this illuminating sales promotion?

Using this simple flyer, Industrial Mill reps lit up sales reports with these great JPW brands. The promo offered Industrial Mill customers a lantern flashlight free with any quote.

And customers apparently thought this promotion was a bright idea, as they increased their year-over-year purchases by more than 18% during the 2-month promotion period!

Industrial Mill & Maintenance Supply product with free Lantern Flashlight flyer

Shoveling in Ames Sales with a Cool Promo

AMES Shovel

Richards Supply in Ft. Worth digs Ames, including its popular shovel line. And shoveling season in Texas can get HOT!

But Richards and Ames beat the heat with this simple, web-based promotion. Using co-op marketing funds from Ames, Rivet|MRO created this cool—and effective—summer sales promotion. The program was simple; buy any Ames product, get a free cooling headband.

Richards customers loved the offer and responded with their wallets—and their heads!

AMES Est. 1774 promo

Using Co-op Marketing for a Marketing Makeover!

OK Industrial Supply & Mid-State Supply both worked with Rivet|MRO to co-mingle co-op marketing funds to create a multi-channel marketing program that essentially have OK & Mid-State a complete marketing makeover! Rivet|MRO worked with OK & Mid-State suppliers to gain financial support for the programs, which include:

  • Corporate Overview Video
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Line Card
  • Product Categories Flyer
  • Value-Added Services Flyer
  • Business Cards
  • PowerPoint Presentation Template
  • Even sales promotion materials!

OK Industrial Corporate Overview Video: We Don’t Just Supply…We Deliver!

This graphics animation video was produced for Mid-State Supply with co-op marketing funds that Rivet|MRO helped identify and claim on behalf of our client.

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A&M Industrial’s “Clickable Catalog” Revolutionizes How Distributors Can Combine Co-op Marketing Dollars to Fund Larger Projects

Think a regular print catalog—only better. And free.

Rivet|MRO worked with A&M Industrial to revolutionize how industrial supply catalogs work.

This “clickable catalog”—or interactive product guide—looks like a regular print catalog (albeit an exceptionally well-designed one!). But it is so much more.

Embedded on each page of this incredibly navigable PDF are eCommerce links, manufacturer videos and other manufacturer information. Click on the image to see how it works!

Co-Op Marketing infographics