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Increasingly Concerned About Supply Availability & Price Surges, Half of U.S. Manufacturers Looking to Source Domestically

US Manufacturers looking to source domestically

Although there has been a downturn for the manufacturing industry, an opportunity for sustained growth for industrial distributors may lie in the wake of the Coronavirus due to an increased focus on domestic sourcing.

Here are some of the creative coping strategies manufacturers are coming up with to face this new challenge.

For mitigating supply chain problems

  1. Increasing production, building plants, and adding processing facilities in North America….which will need servicing from industrial distributors like you!

  2. Taking on more work to support customers impacted by degraded supply chains.

  3. Introducing alternative shipping methods, working with factory representatives to prioritize work, and negotiating shipping terms for late shipments when necessary.

  4. Shipping ahead of schedule to meet the actual requested delivery date.

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