get all the co-op money you're entitled to! Make more. Spend Nothing.

That's Simply Hilarious, Darling


that's simply hilarious, darling! i thought you said you had the time & resources to effectively manage your co-op marketing program!

As an industrial distributor, chances are, you don't have time and resources necessary to maximize your co-op marketing opportunities. Fortunately, we've solved that problem for you with our Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer program!

So...How much co-op money are you leaving on the table? 

Most independent MRO Distributors are leaving $200,000, $300,000 or even more!

In fact, for all U.S. manufacturing…It could be up to 35 Billion dollars… That’s right, up to 35 Billion, with a B. So, why do industrial MRO distributors fail to cash in on the co-op funds they’ve worked so hard to earn?

Distributors tell us there are lots or reasons why they don’t claim all the co-op money they’re entitled to. Among them:

  • Confusing manufacturer program rules
  • Inconsistent procedures
  • Manufacturer brand compliance issues
  • Cumbersome claims processes
  • Burdensome paperwork
  • Distributor time resource limitations
  • Ability to execute
  • and a Lack of manufacturer program awareness

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rivet|MRO has launched its proprietary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer program to make it easy for your distributorship to leverage the co-op funds it has earned! Even if you’re claiming all the co-op funds you’re entitled to - you could still be leaving money on the table. This no risk program, makes it possible for you to make more and spend nothing.

Best of all, we do all the work for you

Rivet|MRO will begin by working with you to complete an audit of your manufacturer co-op programs.

Then, we will gather all the paperwork concerning the program details from your various manufacturer partners.

Once we fully understand your situation, we’ll formulate a plan and come back to you with specific priorities and recommendations.

Based on your company’s specific priorities, we will develop a proposal. Our thoughtful marketing solutions will maximize your available co-op funds - and maximize your return.

Then we submit our proposal to you for approval. Upon your approval, Rivet|MRO will then submit funding requests on your behalf to the appropriate manufacturers. With their agreement, we will then execute the projects as described in our proposals.

Finally, where appropriate, we will even submit your final co-op claims to the manufacturers. Your only job is to process their payments... and enjoy the resulting sales growth and profits!

Stop leaving hundreds of thousands of unclaimed co-op dollars on the table. Start growing your business the smart way. Contact Rivet|MRO today to arrange your Co|optimizer review!

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