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Don’t You Forget About Me: Tips For Improving Conversions With Older Consumers

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By 2019, millennials will be the largest generation in America. It makes sense then that 62% of marketers have chosen Facebook as their top choice for social media marketing. That said, the industrial space skews older. An, if you’re like most industrial distributors, you still have plenty of Boomers and Gen X’ers making buying decisions.

So it’s important not to forget about your older consumers in your industrial marketing campaigns. In fact, in manufacturing, it’s especially important to appeal to decision makers of all generations. Baby boomers are still one of the largest generations in the United States, and they’re just as important as millennials when it comes to your business’s success…if not more so–at least for the near future.

So how can you use the internet to reach older consumers? Here are a few ways you can improve website conversions for your consumers over the age of 50.


Many websites try to make their fonts larger for older consumers. But larger fonts are actually the better choice for everyone. When consumers need to strain their eyes to see your content, they’re less likely to stay on your website.

Use fonts that are larger than 16 pt font. An 18 pt font may be best for general users and a 20 point font is ideal for older users.


Most graphic designers will tell you that you should limit your graphics, such as logos and infographcis, to three colors. The same principle applies to website color schemes. In addition, make sure that your font is easy to read against the background. White font on a black background can be hard to read, as can fonts that fall outside of the black-white-gray spectrum.


No one likes distracting graphics, but older consumers especially prefer minimal websites. That said, try to remove any unnecessary banners and images. You also want to avoid using pop-ups.

It’s often recommended that websites only use one pop-up modal window, and it’s usually a request to add them to your email list. If you have more than one pop-up feature, you’re going to frustrate your audiences no matter their age.


In marketing, you’ll often hear that millennial consumers have a short attention span. But the same is true for older consumers. Many readers will skim content rather than read it.

Unfortunately, if the content on your website is important but difficult to get through you can end up confusing your audience. That said, it’s good to include step-by-step instructions that are easily visible.

Highlight your ‘back’ and ‘continue’ buttons as well. You don’t want your consumers to be confused or stuck or else you might lose their service.

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