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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Websites Search Ranking – No Coding Knowledge Required!

Tips to improve website search ranking

Now it’s no secret that Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of getting the

word out about your business. The better your website ranks on the Search Engine

Results Page, the more traffic and conversions your site will generate for you. This is

why optimizing your site is so important. This article by Forbes explains that the first

page of search results captures over 70% of search traffic. Getting your site to rank on

the first page of results will increase traffic dramatically.

However, as with most things, this is much easier said than done. First of all, Google

does not publicly release facts on what exactly goes into their search ranking algorithm;

however this doesn’t mean we’re going in completely blind.

Google ranks your site based on a complex algorithm containing over 200 factors,

including things like content quality, loading time, site relevance, etc. Some of these

factors are easier to implement than others. This list is by no means comprehensive but

aims to get the ball rolling on improving your websites search ranking.

great place to start when optimizing your website. GSC allows you to identify and

fix website errors, see which keywords bring you the most traffic, and receive

messages from Google on how you can improve your site. Another useful feature

is the mobile usability feature, which lets you know whether your site is mobile-

friendly. Google Search Console is a great first step toward bettering your

website’s ranking and making site optimization easier.


  • Fix Broken Links: Another simple way to quickly boost your site’s ranking is by

    identifying and fixing any broken links your site may have. Broken links can do a

    lot of damage to your site’s ranking so finding and fixing these should be a top

    priority. We recommend a tool called Dr. Link Check to find broken links on your

    website. This free tool scans up to 1500 pages of your site for broken links.

  • Google Keyword Planner: Another free SEO tool from Google (starting to see a

    pattern here?), Google Keyword planner allows you to do highly accurate

    research on important metrics such as search volume and competition.

    If you’re not familiar with the logic behind doing keyword research, let us break it

    down for you. Basically, doing keyword research lets you know what search

    terms people are entering—and how often those terms are being searched. The

    value in doing this research is that the more relevant your site’s content is to

    these search terms, the higher your website will rank for those queries. For

    example, if your site contains the word “drill bit” lots of times, then people who

    use those words in their search terms are more likely to see your website.

    Therefore, you want to do research to determine the most-used keywords that

    are also relevant to your site and sprinkle those into your content.

    However, with this being said, Google will actually punish your site’s ranking if they detect that

    you’re engaging in “keyword stuffing”. This term refers to the practice of

    repeating popular keywords over and over solely for the sake ranking higher.

  • Include Links to Trusted Websites: Here’s another quick and easy tip to

    increase your site’s results ranking. Link to other trustworthy sites within your

    content. Maybe you’ve noticed the links that we have included in this post that

    lead to well-known sites like Forbes and Google search. These links let Google know

    that your sites content links to respected, well-referenced sources.

  • Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Devices: A recent study run by

    Statista reveals that around 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile

    devices! This fact alone is enough to convey the importance of making your site

    mobile-friendly. Google Search Consoles Mobile Friendly Test is the easiest

    method of finding out whether or not your site supports mobile device usage.

So, there you go, 5 simple tips to help your website rank higher on the Google’s results

page—all without needing any coding know-how! This list is a good start but remember,

optimization of your website is an on-going process, and your site can always be improved.

If you really want to get your website to show up higher in Google, consider checking

out our SEO Optimizer services. Rivet|MRO’s SEO program is proven to succeed at

increasing your website traffic, which is likely to lead to more conversions for your business!

SEO Optimizer considers your budget, your business niche, and your competition to

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