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Types of Distributors We’ll See in 2022

Types of Distributors in 2022

Distributors faced many disruptions in the past two years. Companies are now preparing for 2022 by reviewing their past data and making plans accordingly. An article from MDM explains what types of distributors the industry expects to see going into the new year.

20% of distributors plan to not change any major business operations. These companies may be established and have a set way of running their business, but potentially will face major consequences from this. High price overrides will cause them to lose key customers all while shareholder value will decrease. 30% of businesses will plan based solely on financial data. These companies will invest in e-commerce but fail to meet the desired return on investment. Lastly, less than half of all distributors will claim co-op marketing funds—and an even smaller percentage will claim even half of what they have earned. Co-op funds can go unnoticed, but experienced marketing professionals at Rivet|MRO can help.


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