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Social Media Posts That Contain Video Generate 1,200% More Shares

Thinking about diversifying your marketing strategy to include video, or maybe you have not thought about it at all? Well, we’re here to drop a Tidbit about the direction video marketing is headed and tools you can use to stay ahead of the curve.

Social media posts that contain video generate 1,200% more shares than posts that contain just text or images. We can take a step back and see that just by having video animation, users stay on platforms longer and engage with it more leading to an average conversion rate for websites with video at 4.8% versus 2.9% for sites without.

Millennials prove to be a large target market, and you guessed it- studies show video is the best way to reach them. Taking a look at the market as a whole (yes, even Baby Boomers), 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and there is an expectation for content in the form of video.

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