Optimize Your Visual Marketing: Is It Best To Use Images Or Videos?


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Video marketing is one of today's most popular marketing tools. In fact, you can increase your conversions by 80% by including a video on a landing page.

Although videos are a great tool for marketing, they're not necessarily marketing magic. Whether it's best to use videos or images for a certain post or project depends on your objectives and your audience.

Videos Vs. Images: What Works Best For Visual Content?

According to Inc.com, the number of videos on Facebook news feeds has increased 3.6 times. Videos make it easier for users to absorb information. Up to 81% of people only skim online content.

But that doesn't mean users watch the entire video you post to your social media channel. For videos to engage their audience, they need to be optimized. For instance, Facebook posts that included images earned up to 87% of user engagements.

A video won't make your marketing immediately popular. The images and videos you use need to be optimized for the social media post you're making.

How To Optimize Your Visual Content

There are a few ways you can optimize the visual content you're using for your social media marketing. For video marketing, there are two key factors to think of.

First, consider square videos for social media,. Square videos take up more space in the news feed of your Facebook page. They also give your users a sense of seeing more content versus landscape videos.

Second, create your video with an objective in mind. Your video needs to be answering a question or addressing an issue. It also needs to be clear and concise or your users will click away.

As for optimizing your images, it's best to be clear, watch the text, and to be eye-catching. The image needs to convey exactly what the readers will expect to read and it can't be covered too much by text.

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