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Does Your Website Really Need That? Five Elements to Rethink

Five Elements to Rethink about website

Websites are an essential tool for businesses in the world of e-commerce. Even if you think you have the best website, it is still good practice to step back and reconsider elements of your site. A MarketingProfs blog gives five elements to look at.

The first element that businesses might reconsider is popups. Popups can deliver essential messages to visitors and lead them to take action. Yet, if poorly implemented, they are invasive, disruptive, and annoying. When used correctly they can produce several benefits. However, only a small percentage of popups convert well. MarketingProfs provides a checklist for businesses to evaluate if popups are worth keeping. Effective popups must promote an action that is highly valuable to your business, have a high conversion rate, and don’t negatively impact website performance, such as increased bounce rate. To read the full article, click the link below.


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