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Maximize your co-op funds and your results with co-optimizer

Even if you're claiming all the co-op you're entitled to, you’re still leaving money on the table!

We can help you make more of the co-op money you're already claiming.

If you’re like most independent distributors, you probably don’t have a fully articulated marketing strategy or marketing team—so it’s difficult to manage your core marketing, much less co-op projects.

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Chances are, you don’t even come close to making the most of your marketing co-op dollars. We understand—and Rivet|MRO is here to help you secure your place. One recent survey of independent distributors said the biggest uses for co-op funds are print ads and logoed advertising specialty items.

Which leads us to ask: How effective are these efforts at growing your business? How many new cutting tools did you sell because of a logoed golf ball?* What kind of ROI did you get on that untargeted print ad? Yeah. We thought so.

Maximize your co-op funds and your results with Co|Optimizer!

Imagine the results you’ll get when you implement powerful, measurable, strategically targeted marketing initiatives with your co-op dollars!

Rivet|MRO can help you do a more thoughtful, more targeted, more effective job of growing your business with manufacturer co-op funds (or your own, for that matter)—and still help you navigate the morass of paperwork and bureaucracy typically associated with co-op money.

Press the button below or click this link to contact us today to arrange for your no-cost, no-risk Co|optimizer review and grow your business the smart way!

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Let Rivet|MRO create impactful marketing solutions AND do all the co-op paperwork!

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