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Inspire More Switches: How to Win Customers From Your B2B Competitors

How to Win Customers From Your B2B Competitors

Building a customer base is important. Businesses aim to attract customers through an enticing value proposition. But how can distributors convince customers to switch from competitors? A MarketingProfs article tells how.

Companies can implement a variety of persuasive techniques to attract customers. MarketingProfs highlights four areas that companies can focus on to influence the switch from competitors. The first area the article suggests to look at is what potentially pushes people away from competitors. Companies may find opportunities in negative feedback given by customers. Though, it is important to research any negative claims thoroughly to make sure they are true. If a competitor has a weakness in an area that your business excels at, then it will be effective to showcase that quality in marketing materials. To learn about how to persuade customers to make the switch, check out the article linked below.


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