We Help Independent Distributors Grow
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Integrated Marketing Solutions
for Independent Distributors

An experienced Marketing Resource Organization focused exclusively on industrial/MRO., electrical, metalworking, cutting tool, building supply, and safety distributors.

Think of us as your go-to Co-op Marketing Resource for Distributors!

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People turns into money when filtered


Getting more customers, faster. larger customers, who buy more of what you sell. That’s what we do.

We’ll help you gain deeper insights and analytics into your customers and into the markets where you win disproportionately. Then we’ll help you exploit that knowledge and drive real growth.
As a leading provider of marketing for independent industrial and electrical distributors, Rivet|MRO is your go-to resource for targeted marketing initiatives and marketing leadership of industrial distributors. We are a marketing agency for independent distributors with all the tools you need to secure your place in the market. Contact us today to learn more or see below for additional detail about how we can help your industrial company.

People turns into money when filtered
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WWI Krupp Gunworks in Essen, Germany
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Co-op Maximizer

Bringing Out the Big Guns

We Make Maximizing MRO Co-op Funds Easy: Rivet|MRO has launched its proprietary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer to make it easy for your distributorship to maximize the co-op funds it has earned! Rivet|MRO’s risk-free Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer program helps you grow your distributorship with free money from manufacturers. We do all the work, you secure your place in the market!

Riveting Marketing Services

Grabbing Your Customers' Attention

Marketing Resource Organization: Rivet|MRO will work with you as a marketing services firm to develop and deploy targeted marketing initiatives: direct marketing, sales collateral, sales and training videos, web content, sales promotion, advertising, trade shows, and more. We have all the tools you need to make marketing easy for independent distributors!

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Riveting Strategic Services

The Smart Way To Market

Marketing Consulting: You’ve got great products. You understand how to serve your customers. And you’re as operationally sound. But you need someone to establish a marketing strategy. Someone to create a plan, tell your story and build your team. Our strategic/analytical services are the ideal way to gear up marketing for your industrial company!

Riveting Co-op Marketing Case Studies


Peerless Supply Collateral Refresh: Generated new accounts and revenue, resulting in 7.5:1 ROI

Logo of AMES


Using co-op marketing funds from Ames, Rivet|MRO created this cool-and effective-summer sales promotion.

Industrial Mil banner of free lantern flashlight


Industrial Mill & JPW light up sales by 18% with a simple give-away promotion

Mid-State Supply sample catalog and calendar


Mid-State Supply: Rivet helped them increase their co-op budget by 300%+ in first year-used funds for co-mingled program

Mid-State Supply product in a box


Mid-State Supply used co-op marketing funds to create this sample box—which drove incredible sales growth.

Richards' products with free backpack on a catalog


increase in JET sales with targeted sales promotion

We want to help!

Ask us any Co-op marketing question, and we’ll respond within one business day!

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